Anglican Church Property Trust - Diocese of Sydney


        The Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney (ACPT) is the corporate trustee of the Diocese. In this capacity it performs property-related, insurance and financial functions on behalf of the Diocese.

        ACPT is the trustee of most parish property within the Diocese and manages various capital funds on behalf of parishes.

        ACPT also:

        • Administers the Church Insurances Program and provides assistance to parishes in relation to various insurance matters.
        • Invests short term liquidity on behalf of parishes in the Diocesan Cash Investment Fund (DCIF).
        • Maintains the Long Term Pooling Fund as a longer term investment vehicle for parishes and certain diocesan organisations.

        Detailed information to assist with management and development of property within the Diocese can be found in the Parish Property section of the SDS website.

        The following SDS staff can assist with parish property and insurance related inquiries:


        Greg Ellem – Head of Parish Property Services

        Scott Lincoln – Manager, Parish Property
        (Western Sydney region)

        02 9265 1633


        Cindy Wong – Manager, Insurance Services
        02 9265 1679

        Cameron Squires – Manager, Parish Property
        (Georges River and Wollongong regions)

        02 9265 1562


        Judith Harrington – Associate, Parish Property Services
        02 9265 1578

        Penny Barletta – Manager, Parish Property
        (Northern and South Sydney regions)
        02 9265 1561

        Sally Satya - Assistant to the Manager, Insurance Services        Email:                                        02 9265 1557




        Constitution and Current Membership

        ACPT is a body corporate incorporated under the Church of England Trust Property Incorporation Act 1881 as amended by the Anglican Church of Australia Trust Property Act 1917. The constituting ordinance is the Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney Ordinance 1965.

        There are 11 members of the Trust: the Archbishop and 10 persons (at least 5 lay persons and at least 3 clergy) appointed by the Synod.

        Current members of ACPT are:

        Archbishop Glenn Davies (President)

        Mr Richard Neal (Chair)



        The Rev Canon Christopher Allan
        Mr Wayne Bramley

        Dr Robert Tong AM
        Mrs Melinda West (Deputy Chair)

        Mr David Nelson
                                                The Rev David Ould                                                                                   Mr Ian Pike 
                                                           Mr Peter Rusbourne
        The Rev Andrew Schmidt


        Meeting Dates

        The 2020 meeting dates of the ACPT are:

        14 February

        20 March

        24 April

        22 May

        19 June

        24 July

        28 August

        18 September

        23 October

         27 November

        18 December




        Links to useful ACPT documents and policies

        Property Overview Handbook

        Leasing & Licensing Guide

        Parish Building Kit

        Long Term Pooling Fund – Investment Policy Statement

        Long Term Pooling Fund – Ethical Investment Policy

        Endowment of the See Capital Ordinance 2012

        Endowment of the See Capital Fund Investment Policy Statement (at December 2017)


        Policies of the ACPT Board



        Annual Reports to Synod



        For information relating to property insurance, including insurances effected by the Property Trust, visit the Insurance section of the SDS website.



        All correspondence for ACPT should be sent to either: 

        Mr Greg Ellem

        Head of Parish Property Services
        PO Box Q190 
        QVB Post Office NSW 1230 

        Tel: 02 9265 1546




        Mr Richard Neal


        Anglican Church Property Trust Diocese of Sydney

        PO Box Q190

        QVB Post Office NSW 1230