Anglican Church Property Trust






        On 1 January 2024, the Anglican Church Property Trust (ACPT), its staff and functions, became part of the newly formed diocesan organisation Sydney Anglican Property (SAP). SAP provides a unified, co-ordinated approach to all diocesan property matters, from day to day parish building issues to new church developments, strategic planning, insurance, heritage and more. 

        As a result, the functions overseen by the former ACPT board will now be the responsibility of the SAP board.

        Detailed information to assist with management and development of property within the Diocese can be found in the Parish Property section of the SDS website.

        The following SAP staff can also assist with parish property and insurance related inquiries:


        Scott Lincoln – Senior Manager, Parish Property
        02 9265 1555

        Cindy Wong – Manager, Insurance Services
        02 9265 1679

        Elle Byrne - Consultant, Parish Property Services
        (Western and South Western regions)
        Available Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 
        02 9265 1517

        Prasanna Shanmugam - Manager, Compliance and Support, Parish Property Services
        (Wollongong region)
        02 9265 1656

        Kenneth Ho - Technical & Relationship Consultant, Parish Property Services
        (Northern Region)
        02 9265 1516 

        Sally Satya - Associate, Insurance & Property Administration
        02 9265 1557

        Michael Coyne - Manager, Parish Property Services (South Sydney Region)
        02 9265 1635 or 0412 333 936



        Links to useful documents and policies

        For reference, a number of policies and documents of the former ACPT are retained below as they remain relevant to the management of property throughout the Diocese.

        Policies of the ACPT Board



        Annual Reports to Synod



        For information relating to property insurance, visit the Insurance section of the SDS website.