Sydney Anglican Property






        Sydney Anglican Property (SAP) was formed on 1 January 2024 to provide a unified, co-ordinated approach to all diocesan property matters, from day to day parish building issues to new church developments, strategic planning, insurance, heritage and more.

        SAP brings together the staff and functions previously spread across the Anglican Church Growth Corporation, the Anglican Church Property Trust, New Churches for New Communities and St Andrew's House Corporation.

        As a result, SAP is now a one stop shop for property-related matters across the Diocese, ensuring we are able to provide parishes with better, more co-ordinated services, while retaining an emphasis on innovative projects that help people to know the real Jesus.

        SAP is overseen by a board consisting of the following members:

        • Peter Hicks (Chair)
        • Sally Manion
        • Ewen Crouch AM
        • Caleb Teh
        • Margaret Stuart
        • Rev Andrew Schmidt
        • Wayne Bramley
        • The Most Reverend Kanishka Raffel
          (in his capacity as President of the ACPT)
        • Melinda West
        • Andrew Robson
        • Rev David Ould
        • Maureen Peatman
        • Ian Pike
        • Philip Bell OAM
        • Marianne Yacoel



        In order to ensure your inquiry is directed to the person who can best assist, please contact your regional manager in the first instance. These are:

        Western and South West Regions - Elle Byrne on (02) 9265 1517 or

        Northern Region - Kenneth Ho on (02) 9265 1516 or

        South Sydney Region - Michael Coyne on (02) 9265 1635 or 0412 333 936 or

        Wollongong Region - Prasanna Shanmugam on (02) 9265 1656 or

        Which region is your parish in?

        For insurance-related inquiries, please contact Cindy Wong on (02) 9265 1679 or

        For fundraising matters or to donate, please contact Ed Hercus on (02) 9265 1613 or or 0402 744 977 or