Resources for running your AGM

        In February-March each year, churches across the Diocese hold their Annual General Meetings (AGMs) at which they, amongst other things, elect people to fill certain roles for the year ahead. Below are a number of resources parishes will need for their AGM, including the information which must be completed online and submitted to the Diocese.

        Correspondence for the 2024 AGMs

        Registrar Letter for Schedule 1 Parishes
        Registrar Letter for Schedule 2 Parishes
        Parish Financial Statements Circular

        What does it mean to be a Schedule 1 or Schedule 2 parish?
        In the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008 there are two schedules for parish administration.

        Schedule 1 is the schedule for parishes that are administered by reference to their church building or buildings. An example is that a parish with 3 church locations would elect 3 wardens per church and these 9 wardens have individual responsibility for the property and financial matters of their own church. In addition, unless the composition of the parish council has been modified, the AGM of the principal church of the parish would elect members of the parish council.

        Schedule 2 is the schedule for parishes that are administered as a whole by reference to their constituent congregations. An example is that a parish with 3 church locations would only elect 3 wardens for the whole parish and these wardens have responsibility for all property and financial matters for the whole parish. In addition, the AGM has the option of either voting together to elect members of the parish council or the parishioners of each congregation voting separately to each elect a representative to the parish council. 

        A list of parishes that operate under Schedule 2 (a parish administered as a whole) is available here.

        Resources for nominees

        Parish Councillors
        Parish Nominators
        Synod Representatives

        Resources for the AGM

        Timeline of the AGM Process - NEW
        Attendance declaration template
        Declarations for elected/appointed individuals
        2024 AGM checklist

        The link for submitting the 2024 AGM form is found under the Surveys and Forms tab within your Parish Portal (login required). If there are any vacancies throughout the year, please advise the Diocesan Registry initially by email

        For further, more detailed information and rules regarding general meetings of parishioners, click here.