Parish HR Resources

        About the Parish HR Partner

        Established in January 2020, the Parish HR Partner is a dedicated resource within SDS, whose primary role is to support and enhance the quality of human resource management in parishes across the Diocese.
        The role—presently filled by Ms Vikki Napier—is a direct response to a Synod request for access to additional human resources expertise for Bishops and relevant parish officers. Its existence recognises the importance of treating those under our care and oversight with dignity, respect and fairness to a standard that reflects current best practice.
        As such, the role predominantly focuses on equipping parish Rectors and Wardens with the knowledge and resources they need to appropriately manage clergy and other parish staff.
        In doing so, the main beneficiaries of the role are set to be assistant ministers, parish workers and even parishioners as people managers across the Diocese are upskilled and staff teams function in increasingly supportive and collaborative ways.
        Those who would like to contact the Parish HR Partner can do so by submitting an online inquiry here.    (select "Parish HR" in the "Query Relates to" field)