Duties & Responsibilities of Clergy

By virtue of his licence, the minister -

(a)  is authorised to read prayers and perform other duties according to the Book of Common Prayer, An Australian Prayer Book and the canons, constitutions and ordinances of the Church, and

(b)  has rights of access to the church, the rectory and the hall, and

(c)  has control of the policy and affairs of parochial organisations and of the appointment or removal of leaders (rule 3.18 of Schedule 1 and rule 3.17 of Schedule 2 of the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008), and

(d)  must cause a register or registers to be maintained in each church in the parochial unit which records the details specified in rule 3.21 of Schedule 1 and rule 3.20 of Schedule 2 of the Parish Administration Ordinance 2008, and

(e)  is, if present, the chairman of a general meeting of parishioners and of a meeting of the parish council.